Thank you to everyone who attended the FBLA Banquet on Tuesday evening.  The night was a huge success! Congratulations to the officers for the 2015-2016 school year:

R Lloyd President

D Davis Vice President

H Cobb Secretary

T King Treasurer

M Parker Reporter

WED:           SR Textbooks Collected ---------
 DO NOT take up early
                  Mr. Leake @ 9:30 for last JR ring payment

THURS:       FCCLA installation @ 5:00
                  SR Awards Program @ 6:30

FRI:               SRS LAST DAY----------Report to track @ 9:00 AM dressed in school uniform
                                              Senior Patriot Scholars may wear jeans and senior shirts
                   PATRIOT SCHOLAR DAY--  Only Patriot Scholars can wear
                                                                                                    jeans & spirit shirt

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
TODAY'S LUNCH:  Chicken Nugget, Cheesy Potato, a vegetable, and Roll

Monday, May 11, 2015 is the due date for all other books to be returned to the library.  All library accounts need to be cleared by Friday, May 15,2015 to avoid being placed on the fines list.  If you are put on the fines list you will not get a report card or new schedule for next year.

2015/2016 CHEERLEADERS: Cheer Practice will begin on TOMORROW.



  • Dual Enrollment paper work and/or money is due to Ms. Robbins no later than Friday, May 15th

  • Students who scored a good or excellent on their EOC test will be allowed to wear appropriate jeans with an FPHS shirt TOMORROW.... NO CHARGE...    When all the scores are received more reward will be given.

  • Any health science, foreign language book can be turned in ANY time on Monday, May 18th, you have to in attendance at school that day.  DO NOT plan to check in late.

  • Shirts being worn as jackets are NOT OK if they are buttoned - must be completely unbuttoned or taken off.

  • Any phones that have not been picked up from the office by Thursday, May 14th will be contributed to a fund for veterans.  ALSO, there are many jackets/clothes in the office that were picked up throughout the year.  If the clothes are not claimed by Thursday, May 14th they will be donated to charity.


  • Mr. Leake @ 9:30 TODAY  for last JR ring payment
  • REMEMBER to participate in the ring ceremony on Monday, May 18th
    ----------You must attend school ALL DAY, you cannot check in and go to the ceremony
    ----------You must have purchased your ring from Balfour (Balfour hosts this ceremony and pays for all refreshments)
    ----------You must have paid for the ring in full.  Remember Mr. Leake will be here tomorrow for any final payments.
    ----------Each student can ONLY bring 2 adult guests.  This will be held in the cafeteria and space is limited.


  • REMEMBER that you will NOT BE allowed to enter the building Friday,  the 8th for any reason.  Only those seniors with speeches to give or those singing will be allowed if needed by a teacher.

  • SENIOR Patriot Scholars can wear jeans and their FAVORITE FPHS shirt on Friday,  the 8th for graduation practice.  All other seniors must wear standard school uniforms.

  • These Seniors still owe Senior Supplies fines: J. Allen, O Brown, T Byrd, L Cooks, D. Malone, D. Marzell, K. McDaniel, J. Pleasant, B. Robinson, M. Thomas, and I. White

    READ CAREFULLY:    You need to see Mrs. Nichols about getting this taken care of    Thursday, May 7th is the last day to pay ALL fines owed. You will not be allowed to pay on Friday, May 8th.    You will have to come to the office in uniform to meet with Mrs. Sartin to pay the fines.  The following Monday caps and gowns will not be issued to anyone owing a fine.

  • SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT is TOMORROW at 6:30 pm (location pending gym or cafeteria). All seniors and their parents are welcome to attend. No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes allowed to be worn by seniors. Dress nice!

  • If you have overdue books or fines indicated on your library records, you will need to clear them by TODAYor you will not receive your cap and gown.  If the notice you receive shows the price of a book remember to ADD $3 for processing fee

    Some of you have classroom novels that you are using in class.  These must be returned by TODAYalso.  Please check with your English teacher to determine what information you will need from that book before you return it to the library.   ALL FINES, even if they are under $1.00 must be cleared.

  • Grade Recovery will be closing TOMORROW.  All work must be completed by then.
  • Seniors need to return all books and clear their library accounts by the end of the school dayTODAY


  • We will not be able to do makeup testing the library TODAY.  I am taking up senior textbooks. 


  • TODAY during homeroom, students will receive several important "documents".  One of those is the Title I Parent Survey that needs to be completed by a parent and brought back to school.  The papers are now in your boxes.  Senior homerooms will not have any.  The cover letter states that they need to be returned by the 7th, but we will take them as long as you receive them.


  • If any of you have a senior that you want to recognize.  Please come Thursday night to the Senior Awards night or have someone do that presentation for you.  Let a Senior sponsor know.  This is the last chance you will get to recognize them.

  • Remember there are to be NO parties in your classroom.  Students who scored a fair, good, or excellent on their EOC test will be allowed to wear appropriate jeans with an FPHS shirt TOMORROW.... NO CHARGE... 

  • TODAY we will go to homeroom to get Progress Reports.  9th grade homeroom teachers, please check a message Ms. Sartin sent about summer for 9th Graders.

  • REMEMBER.... That SENIOR grades are due no later than 3:00 PM TODAY 

  • ATTENTION TEACHERS:  Noticeable last week, especially Friday, were student NOT in their classroom.  DO NOT give students permission to go to another classroom even if they have a teacher note - students are roaming.  If a student is NOT in you classroom, please write them up as skipping.  There will be consequences.  Also, teacher, you are NOT to relocate your class unless you have permission from the office -- when we need to get in touch with you you or a student in your class, we need to know where you are.

  • n you mailbox is slips with the library fines that the Seniors owe.  Please get these to your seniors, so they can take care of their business before they pick up their cap and gown.


  • ALL teachers are to give a final exam - not just teachers with SLTs.

  • You need to be thinking about your post tests and looking back at your SLTs.  Students have been practicing---she hopes!

  • Ms. Sartin needs you to put your PGP in the system.  See her if you have any questions.


  This does not include classroom novels that your teachers have scheduled.  Seniors all library books are due and your account must be cleared of all fines (even if they are under 1.00) byTODAY, Seniors you have TODAY  to clear your library fines (even if they are under $1.00) and return books--Keep your classroom novels if you are using them in class.


All other students you may AR test TODAY - May 15.

Your library books and all fines (even if they are under 1.00) must be cleared with the library by May 15, 2015.